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Jessica V.

Fitness Instructor

Les Mills BodyPump®, Group Cycling

  • Les Mills BodyPump®

  • NETA Indoor Cycling


Fitness Experiences

Jessica has completed the Gary Bjorklund half marathon, Twin Cities 10-mile (twice), as well as numerous 5K's around the area. She joined WRF as an instructor in 2014.

Success Story

About two years ago Jessica would have never stepped foot into a gym, with the preconceived idea that only "fit" people go. A friend encouraged her to attend a fitness class and when she went she felt so welcomed. The encouragement and support Jessica received from the instructors, convinced her to attend other classes like group cycling.


"I have to admit I hated it at first, I remember the instructor saying you need to come a few more times before giving it up" Jessica explained. After a few times, she developed a strong love/hate relationship with the class and became certified in group cycling. "It is an amazing thing what the encouragement and support of instructors can do to a person."

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