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Stretch for Wellness


Gentle stretches for ages 10 to 100+! Learn dynamic stretches as found in traditional forms of Tai Chi, QiCong, Golden Lotus and Yoga. Stretch for fun; stretch for wellness.

  • Improves posture, breath, movement, balance and flexibility.

  • Improves cognition and memory.

  • Strengthens your mind-body connection and reduce stress.

Ability Level
  • Great for all ability levels. Minimum age 10. Low impact.


  • Come warmed up; be patient with yourself as you learn the techniques.


Equipment Used
  • Yoga mats and chairs – provided by WRF.

  • Comfortable, loose clothing

  • Indoor gym shoes that will not stick to the floor.

What to Bring (Optional)
  • A yoga mat, water bottle and towel.

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