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Anne S.

Fitness Instructor

Les Mills BodyPump®, Les Mills BodyFlow®, Group Cycling

  • Les Mills BodyPump®

  • Les Mills BodyFlow®

  • NETA National Exercise Trainers Assoc.

  • NETA Group Exercise Instructor

  • NETA Group CyclingCPR/AED

Fitness Experiences

Upon graduating from the University of WI Stout, Anne began her family and started to dive in to what the local fitness center offered.


Through the years she got hooked on the group fitness atmosphere and inspired by other fitness instructors, decided to become an inspiration to others as well.


She enjoys all kinds of group fitness, including attending other classes. Anne is known for her energetic style of teaching and fun personality. She loves all the options for getting and staying fit that Wild River Fitness offers.


There is something for everybody! She loves the energy and excitement of working out with other people to great music. Exercise is her passion and a big part of who she is.


Her goal is to have those who exercise with her to work hard, to push themselves, and more importantly, to have fun while doing it. When she is not teaching she loves getting outside and all the busy activities as the mother of 3 young boys.

Success Story

No matter what the starting point, everyone has the ability to become the person that they desire, both physically and mentally through fitness training.

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