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Catherine M.

Lead Fitness Instructor

Les Mills Tone®, SilverSneakers Classic®, SilverSneakers Stability®, Core and Stretch

  • Les Mills Tone®

  • SilverSneakers Classic®

  • SilverSneakers Stability®

  • SilverSneakers Yoga®

  • Tivity Foundations

  • AFFA Group Fitness Instructor

  • AFFA Personal Trainer


  • First Aid

Fitness Experiences

Catherine wants to be the type of fitness instructor that she could never find. She wants her classes to be welcoming to everyone no matter their skill level. Catherine wants to help people better their daily lives without making them push themselves to the point where it is no longer fun. She wants to make sure people feel welcomed in her classes and feel successful no matter how much they can do or lift.

Success Story

There is hardly a week that goes by without someone coming up to Catherine and telling her that they went to the doctor and some or all the things that they were struggling with, such as high cholesterol, have gone away since taking her classes.

Catherine saw success when one of the members that were taking her classes had gotten surgery. That member was very thankful for all of the chair sit to stands that Catherine had made them do. It helped them tremendously after their surgery and surprised their doctors with their ability to do sit to stands right after surgery.

People have thanked her for all the different exercises that she had made them do no matter how hard they thought they were when they were doing them, they liked the benefits after they had taken her classes.

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