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Judy M.

Fitness Instructor

Les Mills BodyFlow®, SilverSneakers Circuit®, Tai Chi

  • Blue Powder Production for PIYO®

  • SilverSneakers Cardio Circuit®

  • Les Mills BodyFlow®

  • NETA Group Exercise Instructor


Fitness Experiences

Judy always wanted to learn Yoga, so Body Balance has been a great addition to her journey with yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi in an energizing program.  Silver Sneakers has been a really good fit for her as it makes her think and move with the age of different people and mobility, for she is there also.  Tai Chi is totally for her, calming, stretching, keeping the mind thinking and remembering the moves and the meanings.

Success Story

Judy suggests to members when they start on a new path to exercise, to keep a journal of how they feel each week, month and so on. It is amazing to watch members from the front of the class and see the way they improve in their ability. She sees the improvements, but they are not aware of the success. That is where the journal comes in. Each member encourages each other to do their best, so they can be their best the rest of their lives.

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